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About Conduit

Conduit Investment Advisors was founded with the simple premise of helping our clients make sound business decisions with their money, choices that allow them to fulfill their dreams.

Doing whatever it takes to help our clients achieve their economic goals without destroying the economy or environment is what we at Conduit are about.

Our Story

A eureka moment occurred at end of the tax season for our founder years ago. Barely two years had elapsed since he had exited the investment advisor industry to pursue owning his own public accounting business, Eric O’Neal January and Co, when the last tax client of the season asked a question.

The business owner wanted to know whether an investment that she bought from a financial advisor representing one of the largest institutions in the world was a good deal.

It wasn’t! The damage had already been done. There was little that could be done without realizing a loss other than avoiding such nasty scenarios in the future.

This is what our founders set out to do: Create a business with a can-do-it-right culture, Conduit Investment Advisors, LLC ®.

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